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Important Notice

Dear Parents/Guardians,

It is a fact that this pandemic has really affected all stratas of society (the school and its teachers included), the school is not in a very safe situation financially. The school has always believed in spreading quality education in as low fees as possible. It has always believed in not burdening the parents with extra financial strain, which is why the school always tries to look for such booksellers who can give the highest discount (20%) to its guardians.The school had also decided not to raise fees, not to charge late fee fines till September 2020 and to allow the parents to pay the session fee at any time between April 2020 to March 2021, so that the guardians are not put into great financial strain. The school is simply asking for tuition fees and not any extra charges, like in the case of some schools. Since the lockdown the teachers have worked tirelessly too, with not only preparing and teaching online classes but even addressing questions and queries from students at all times of the day. They have bravely and sincerely carried on to do their duty of teaching students. But they are humans too and they too feel sad and demoralised at times.

Just like it is true that there are a few guardians who are really needy and the school is willing to extend whatever help it can towards them if they write and inform the school with proof, about their severe conditions, so also it is true that there are a lot of guardians on whom the Almighty's grace and blessings are still present. It is a fervent request to all such parents to kindly clear their dues, as the school will not be able to continue on much further if this situation continues. The school believes that it has always done whatever possible to help out parents. Now it is upto you parents.

God bless you all.

Kuo Thai Chiang


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